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The Fundraiser That Works For You!

Quality discount cards that help you raise money with minimal effort

Fundraising is often necessary, but there's a problem...

Mission Discount Cards has everything you need to run a successful fundraising campaign. With a fraction of the work of other fundraisers, the amount of profit you want to make is up to you! 

Start Fundraising With A Card People Will Use Everyday

Mission Discount Cards provide discounts to businesses that everyone shops at. We work with many national chains and work with local merchants to provide a solid range of discounts.

We Do The Legwork For You

We take care of the initial work needed to get your fundraiser up and running giving you more time to plan and execute a successful campaign. 

We Are Ready To Help!

Our staff is here to help you with your next fundraising campaign. Get in touch with us today and one of our team members will walk you through the next steps.

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